AWS Usergroup Philippines (AWSUG.PH) is  an Open and Inclusive Group for Amazon Web Services (AWS) enthusiasts. Active since 2012

The Merch Store was created to give easier access to individuals who would like to produce and ship for themselves their own swags as members. This does not replace any official Amazon.com Store or AWS T&C Benefit Store


For Certified Displayed Merchandise, AWS Certification requires meeting specific certification requirements, including passing an AWS Certification Exam. Only individuals who have been certified by an official AWS testing provider are allowed to use AWS Certification Mark.

The AWS Certification Mark may only be used in connection with you presenting yourself as an AWS Certified individual. This AWS Certification Mark is non-transferable.

AWS Certification Mark should not be used to imply or suggest:

  • That you have achieved a level of certification that you have not achieved or do not currently have;
  • That any partnership, joint venture, or other relationship exists between you and AWS;
  • That AWS recommends or endorses your services.










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